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Morning's Gift by John-Peter

First of all, I like the overall feel of this image, it instantly stands out as a good picture. You got the focus and bokeh right. Also...

Atlantic Puffin by WNPhotography

When you first get to look at this picture, you are struck by the sharpness of the bird, perfectly emphasized by the softly colored bac...

frozen Claws of Winter by alexandre-deschaumes

(See English version below) Voici donc une de tes géniales photos que je redécouvre en quelque sorte à l'occasion de cette DD... Tout d...

Innocent by AljoschaThielen

If there is one thing I can admire about this picture, it is your ability take a very common subject, the ladybug, and make a picture w...

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Black Dots over Blue Gradient by AdMalamCrucem
Black Dots over Blue Gradient
If I'm not mistaken, this is an old female Polyommatus Icarus. The enthusiast entomologists will tell if I'm wrong.

This photo was taken a while ago, and I overlooked it because it didn't seem special. However, I took a closer look, and I was compelled by the graphical aspect of this butterfly's body.

I recommend watching in full resolution to take a look at those scales and hairs.

Please note that this image is filed under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to download the file and share it wherever you want as long as you credit the source. I'm only enabling prints for those of you who like dA's print service more than your local photo lab.

Also, I'm too lazy to add it to the usual bunch of groups. It's more of an internal release. Do not hesitate to request it for your groups, though.
Burst Fire by AdMalamCrucem
Burst Fire
A different composition based on the light reflected by a spider web. The web wasn't flat, so only the threads which had a given angle with the Sun diffracted light entirely.

I've seen a few of those stunning light diffractions lately, but I am still unable to explain properly how it is obtained. I always saw it on the same kind of geometrical webs, always with a certain angle (almost facing the sun), but never at the same time of the day or with the same conditions (wind, humidity, and so on). Anyway, it is a most interesting natural phenomenon.
Morning's Gift by John-Peter
First of all, I like the overall feel of this image, it instantly stands out as a good picture.
You got the focus and bokeh right. Also, your point of view is rather well chosen. Concerning the composition, it is simple and efficient. The blue flower stands out correctly, and is well placed.
However, there is one major concern.
Your processing definitely lacks subtlety. Why make the whole image look blue when your main point of interest is blue itself? You diminish its impact.
And I'm sorry, but I wonder how you could go on with such orange hues. They stand out so unnaturally and loudly that I feel like you pushed the sliders to the right by mistake.
So I think it could be a really good image, but your choices for processing are disputable.
I hope I was of some help!


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I once read on some deviant's profile "Stop saying you want to be a photographer, if you take pictures you are a photographer". If find this extremely shrewd and well-said.

So if I think about it right now, it is because since my inscription on dA, only a few months ago, I believe I have changed my way of thinking photography.

Let me explain it : since the first time I have come to realize that I love taking pictures, four or five years ago, I only took pictures occasionally, when I saw something a bit interesting.
But now my artworks are amongst the ones of many professional photographers, doing a great work with their $3000 cameras and lenses, often travelling far away to find the one spot that will allow them to take a beautiful picture, and so on...

Of course, I know you don't have to posses some great pieces of equipment to take good pictures. But it helps. I have recently bought one of the cheapest DSLR cameras (yet a very good one, this Rebel T3), and maybe I will start trying to process images a little bit. I don't like thinking "This image is awesome because it was photoshopped", but some slight improvement can be done without remorse, don't you think ?

And remember: about two thirds of the pictures you see here have been taken less than a hundred meters away from my house. :-)

See below my new 500px account, I will upload there only the best from my dA gallery ! :)
I cannot think of creating art without sharing it.

I do not possess what little art I am able to create because I believe a human being hardly possesses emotions unless to share them, and only witnesses stories to tell them.
The problem is, I don't succeed in making much emotion come out of my pictures.
Nothing more than a quick look, an slight insight into the part of reality I feel worth capturing. Even Alexandre Deschaumes is not satisfied with most of his work for the same reason, and what am I compared to him?

A picture often evokes its creator many emotions, but only because he knows everything about that picture. Without such knowledge of the context and nature of the image, it doesn't quite work.

I once read: "A picture without a story is like a body without a soul".
It is true emotions often come from the soul and are bound to the story behind the picture.
But it shouldn't be behind.
The picture should be genuinely united to the story through the emotion. To get something like the Oversoul of photography.
God, I think I'm a Transcendentalist...

No word should have to be restraining a perfect picture to something too much related to one's self.

Can I be a mute storyteller?

I would like anyone to be able to make up their own stories about my pictures, using the feeling I expressed with the photograph as a basis for their imagination.
Words sometimes cannot express a complex emotion.
Thus I would like to be able to show such unpronounceable emotions on a picture.
Then I would be mute in words only.

Yet isn't that goal unreachable?
And do I even really want to reach it?

I don't like anything quite as much as using words and communicating through them. I don't think I am ready to separate them from any image.

And if there are things words can hardly express, how could photography measure up to it?
It would mean writing using photography is a more effective means of expression than writing with words...
I will have a hard time convincing people about that (starting with me).

Finally, my idea would most likely be realistic when the time comes for lenses and cameras to be as effective as the human eye and able to fully support the amazing tool which our brain is.

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